Online Lecture Series

The South Asasif Conservation Project is announcing a series of five lectures organized in collaboration with the Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society on the recent discoveries of the Project and how they alter our perspective on the art and ritual practices of Thebes in the First Millennium BC.

Every lecture will be built around groups of objects or images recently found, reconstructed and researched by the members of our team. The lectures will conclude with an open discussion and Q&A sessions.

Some of the topics of the course include artists of Kushite and Saite tombs and temples, their background, sources of their inspiration and personal styles; powerful women of Kushite and Saite Thebes,  representations of the God’s Wives of Amun and their entourage in tombs and temples; the rise of Osiris in Kushite Thebes; divine and funerary rituals in Thebes of the First Millennium BC and their reflection in the art of temple-tombs of the period; pyramids in the First Millennium BC; Nubian and Abydene influences on Theban art and ritual landscape, among others.  

The lectures will be delivered by Dr. Elena Pischikova, the Director of South Asasif Conservation Project.

The price of the course is 50 GBP or Euros or $60.  All the proceedings from the course will go toward funding the 2023 season of the Project. 

The course starts on February 28. More information on the course and payment method is on the TVAES website:

Amulet of a winged goddess, SACP 3
Offering bearer, Tomb of Karakhamun (TT 223)
Offering bearer, Tomb of Sheshonk (TT 27)
Pyramid of the tomb of Padineith (TT 197)

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