Two Days Left to Visit the Theban Menagerie

Only two days are left until the start of our exciting lecture course.

You will learn about our recent discoveries and how they impact our understanding of Egyptian art and ritual life in Thebes of the First Millennium BC.

Newly found and reconstructed images and objects will be your guides through the mysterious world of Kushite and Saite temple-tombs. You will attempt a glimpse into the way the artists created these unique, intricate sacred spaces by manipulating images from the past. 

Would you like to visit the Theban tomb menagerie and try to investigate the reasons that made these animals part of this thoughtfully chosen collection? This will be just one of the experiences of the offered course.

Enrich your knowledge of Thebes in the First Millenium BC  and support the work of the South Asasif Conservation Project in 2023.

The price of the five-lecture course is 50 GBP/Euros or $60. To register go to:

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