Tomb of the Great Follower of the God’s Wife and Female Scribe Irtieru (TT 390)

Work in the tomb of Irtieru started in 2006.  The Tornische, two pillared halls, and two burial chambers were completely cleared of debris by the end of the 2007 season. Excavation of the court was started in 2007 but later hindered by the large amount of modern mud brick structures within the court.  The work in the court was resumed in 2019 and is expected to be completed during the ongoing 2020 season. The entrance staircase was cleared in 2020. Excavation of Irtieru’s superstructure was started in 2020.

The tomb’s decoration is limited to the following areas: ceiling, walls, doorframe and thickness of the Tornische, doorframe of the entrance to the Second Pillared Hall, False door, vaulted burial chamber.

The architectural features and decoration were critically damaged by floods and later occupants. Emergency conservation was performed in the weakest areas. Decorated and undecorated areas went though a few rounds of mechanical and chemical cleaning over the years. Dozens of decorated fragments found in the debris will be returned to their original placements during the next stage of conservation work.

The work is being performed by Mariam Ayad and the conservation team of the Project.