SACP Conservators in Action

Mohamed Shebib and Mohamed El Azeb Hakem

The most important work at the site of South Asasif is performed by our amazing conservation team led by Abdelrzk Mohamed Ali and Ali Hassan Ibrahim.

The work done by Taib Hassan Ibrahim, Mohamed El Azeb Hakem, Hassan El Dimerdash, Said Ali Hassan, Mohamed Badawy, Mohamed Shebib, Taib Said Mohamed brings back to life the damaged tombs of South Asasif.

Mohamed Shebib and Mohamed El Azeb Hakem are fitting a newly found fragment on the north face of pillar NP3 featuring the texts of BD 104 and 51

This blog entry features the stars of the team, Mohamed Shebib and Mohamed El Azeb Hakem and their work with the fragments of the decoration of the tomb of Karakhamun (TT 223) found this year.

Their knowledge of local limestone is incredible. Mohamed Shebib sees and remembers every crack, vein, spot, color of limestone on the walls and pillars of the tomb and detached fragments. It helps tremendously in finding joins and reconstructing inscriptions and imagery. The moment the original location of a newly found fragment is confirmed, Mohamed El Azeb Hakem springs into action and safely installs it into a pocket carved in the new limestone.

This video demonstrates their  work with this beautiful recently discovered fragment featuring three legs.

Director of the Middle Area Abdelghany Abdelrhman and chief inspector of the Middle area Ahmed Boghdady often offer their help to the conservation team.

With our joint efforts, Karakhamun’s decoration is evolving every day!

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