Season Opening 2022

The South Asasif Conservation Project is happy to announce the opening of the 2022 season. We are very grateful to the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Qurna  inspectorate, sponsors and team members of the Project for their support.

Elena Pischikova, Katherine Blakeney, Marion Brew, Sharon Davidson and Marina Esteve Pérez are happy to reunite with our Egyptian team members Fathy Yassin, Ramadan Ahmed Ali, Ezz El Noby, Reis Mohamed Ali, Abdelrazk Mohamed Ali, Ali Hassan Ibrahim, Taib Hassan Ibrahim, Mohamed El Azeb Hakem, Hassan El Dimerdash, Said Ali Hassan, Mohamed Badawy, Mohamed Shebib, Taib Said Mohamed and meet the Director of the Middle Area, Abdelghany Abdelrhman, Chief Inspector Ahmed Boghdady, and our new inspectors Mohamed Ahmed Hassany and Mohamed Ahmed Hussein.

Some of the first activities included survey of the area around the first pylon of TT 390, discovered last season, preparation for the reconstruction of doorways in TT 390 and conservation work on the fragments.

We’ll be reporting regularly on the progress of the work of different teams of the Project.

Congratulations to everyone on the start of an exciting new season!

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