June News

Reconstruction of the pillars of the First Pillared Hall in the tomb of Karakhamun is going incredibly well. the conservation team of Abdelrazk Mohamed Ali, Ali Hassan Ibrahim, Taib Hassan Ibrahim, Mohamed El Azeb Hakem, Hassan Dimerdash, Said Ali Hassan, Mohamed Badawy, Mohamed Shebib, Taib Said Mohamed and stonecutter Hussein Mohamed have finished the construction … Continue reading June News

Our Work in May

The team of the South Asasif Conservation Project is finishing May with some notable achievements and finds. The team members of the Project have worked on numerous exciting tasks. The conservation team is continuing the conservation of the pillars in the First Pillared Hall of the tomb of Karakhamun (TT 223). The photographs show Hassan … Continue reading Our Work in May

Our Work in August and September 2018 Part I

The main August event was the delivery and installation of the canopic jars of the Lady of the House Amenirdis in the Luxor Museum. We found these beautiful jars in the tomb of Karabasken (TT 391) in May 2018 (for more details see the previous blog post). The Qurna inspectorate, the Ministry's museum sector and … Continue reading Our Work in August and September 2018 Part I

First Week of June in South Asasif

Every week in the South Asasif necropolis brings new discoveries and achievements. One of the most notable discoveries of the week was made by our leading conservator, Abdelrazk Mohamed Ali. He brought back to the team's attention a small fragment of sunk relief with a well-modeled surface, a thin raised line in the middle and … Continue reading First Week of June in South Asasif