A Closer Look at the Pottery from Tomb  SACP 6 in South Asasif

Julia Budka
Elena Pischikova

SACP 6 was found and cleared in 2021. The work was supervised by Katherine Bateman, Hassan Mohamed Ali and Katy Ball.

SACP 6 is one of the small undecorated tombs cut into the northern slope of the South Asasif hill. The remains of the mud brick superstructure outline a pylon, a sizable court (5.30 m by 3.60 m) and a vaulted ceiling over the 3.40 m long entrance passage.

The tomb consists of three rooms and one burial chamber.

The finds from the burial chamber consist of  beads and amulets from a bead net, clay and faience shabtis, and fragments of a set of limestone canopic jars. The fragments of the jars were cleaned and reassembled by conservators of the Project, Ali Hassan Ibrahim and Hassan Dimerdash.

The real star of the burial assemblage from SACP 6 is its pottery, which gives us a unique insight into the ritual landscape of the South Asasif necropolis, as revealed by Julia Budka:

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