Journey of a Pyramidion

The South Asasif Conservation Project congratulates all our mission members, friends and sponsors on the unveiling of a new addition to the collection of the Luxor Museum, a beautiful pyramidion found in TT 390 on the 21st of October, 2020.

The pyramidion was found by Reis Mohamed Ali and the supervisor of the archaeological team, Hassan Mohamed Ali.

It was moved to the able hands of the Project’s conservators Abdelrzk Mohamed Ali and Ali Hassan Ibrahim. The conservation team reacted to the new find with enthusiasm and curiosity.

The pyramidion leaves the site accompanied by Elena Pischikova, Fathy Yassin and John Billman. Our colleagues from the storage and museum are taking it to its new home.

Katherine Blakeney, Abdelrzk Mohamed Ali, Ali Hassan Ibrahim and Mohamed Abu Hakim went through the endeavor of creating a new space in the Luxor Museum worthy of the pyramidion. It was an inspiring but grueling task. 

The way from the inception of the concept until its realization took weeks of hard work.

Here are some highlights of the process:

Lighting design

Arrival of the stand from Cairo

Checking the stand against its miniature model.

Cleaning the stand

The unimaginably difficult task of hanging wall panels 

The result is minimalist and elegant. The beam of ceiling light reflects against the white glossy base, creating an inverted pyramid inside the transparent stand and enveloping the pyramidion in light, referring to its solar nature.

The opening was a big success.

The team is exhausted but happy to have done justice to the pyramidion.

We want to express our gratitude to the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, H.E. Minister Khaled El Enany,

General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Moustafa Waziry,

General Director of Antiquities for Upper Egypt  Mohamed Yahia,

General Director of Antiquities of the Luxor area El Gazzafy Abdel Rahim,

General Director of Egyptian Antiquities Department, Ayman Ashmawy,

General Director of the Center of Upper Egyptian Antiquities Mohamed Abdelbadie,  

General Director of Antiquities of the West Bank of Luxor and Director of Egyptian team Fathy Yassin, 

General Director of the Foreign Missions Department of the West Bank, Luxor Ramadan Ahmed Ali, Director of the Middle Area Ezz Elnoby,

General Director of Museums and Restoration in Upper Egypt Abdel Nasser Ahmed Abd El Azim,

General Director of the Luxor Restoration Department Bedawy Said Abdel Rahim, Director of the Conservation Department of Qurna Karima Mohamed Saddik,

 Head of the Museum Sector Moamen Othman, 

Director of the Luxor Museum Alaa Hussein

American University in Cairo and Dr. Salima Ikram

We are also grateful to the South Asasif Conservation Trust (Director John Billman), ARCE, Jack Josephson, Dr. Magda Saleh and Bernard Selz.

The pyramidion’s decoration, dating and its original and secondary placements in the Theban necropolis will be discussed in-depth in the upcoming catalogue of the exhibition.

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