Highlights of the 2019 Season

Happy Holidays to our team members, sponsors and friends!

We have a lot to celebrate. We had an amazing 2019 season. Between new finds, extensive conservation and an exhibition at the Luxor Museum, our team accomplished a great deal of work.

Here are some of the season’s highlights in pictures:

The MoA Conservation team’s performance last season was pure magic. They raised the First Pillared Hall in the tomb of Karakhamun (TT 223) from the ground up to create an elegant architectural feature. A huge thank you goes to Abdelrazk Mohamed Ali (supervisor), Ali Hassan Ibrahim, Taib Hassan Ibrahim, Hassan Dimerdash, Mohamed Shebib, Mohamed Bedawy, Mohamed Abu Hakem, Said Ali, Taib Said.

The epigraphers of the Project, Kenneth Griffin, Erhart Graefe, Annie Howard, and Francesca Jones, with the help of John Rogers, Peter Rose and Seven Feurer placed hundreds of fragments on the walls and pillars of the First Pillared Hall in the tomb of Karakhamun (TT 223). Mariam Ayad started working in the tomb of Irtieru (TT 390).

All the reconstruction and conservation work was recorded by Katherine Blakeney.

Fig. 3

Our dedicated archaeological team of Marion Brew, Sharon Davidson, Katherine Bateman, Katie Ball, Peter Rose, Mollie Beck, and Catherine Bishop finished clearing the superstructure of the tomb of Karabasken (TT 391), found the first pylon of the superstructure of the tomb of Karakhamun (TT 223) and did an extraordinary job clearing SACP 1 and the open court of the tomb of Irtieru (TT 390). The team of workmen was supervised by our great Reis Mohammed Ali.

Newly found and reconstructed architectural features were recorded by Dieter Eigner.

Fig. 5

All the finds were recorded by the head of the registration department, John Billman and his assistants Aimee Vickery and Janelle Watt. John is contemplating hundreds of clay shabtis. Among the highlights of the season were the elements of a Kushite bead net now on display in the Luxor Museum.

Salima Ikram researched the newly found animal bones and Afaf Wahba worked on the human remains.

Fig. 7aFig. 7b

Julia Budka examined the huge amount of pottery found during the season.

Fig. 8

The gargantuan task of the reconstruction of the painted ceiling of Karakhamun is on the shoulders of Taylor Woodcock. She was assisted by Aimee Vickery, Laura Chilvers, and Scott Allan.

Fig. 9aFig. 9b

Our wonderful team member and sponsor Darren McKnight was always around to help with the work and equipment.

The season ended with the opening of the Project’s exhibition at the Luxor Museum, designed by Katherine Blakeney, curated by Elena Pischikova and installed by the MoA conservation team.

This work would not be possible without the support of the Ministry of Antiquities.

We want to express our deep gratitude to the Ministry of Antiquities, H.E.Minister Khaled El Enany, General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Moustafa Waziry, General Director of Egyptian Antiquities Department, Ayman Ashmawy, General Director of the Center of Upper Egyptian Antiquities, General Director of the Center of Upper Egyptian Antiquities Mohamed Abdelbadie Dr. Nashwa Gaber, Director of the Foreign Missions Department, Dr. Mohamed Yahia, General Director of Antiquities for Upper Egypt; El Gazzafy Abdel Rahim, General Director of Antiquities of the Luxor area. Mr. Fathy Yassin, General Director of Antiquities of the West Bank of Luxor; Mr. Baha, Director of Qurna Antiquities, Mr. Ramadan Ahmed Ali, General Director of the Foreign Missions Department (mission member), Mr. Ezz Elnoby, Director of the Middle Area (mission member), Mr. Ahmed Ezz, General Director of MoA storage, Ahmed Hassan, Director of MoA storage, Abd El Gawad, inspector of the MoA storage, Mr. Ahmed Bogdady, head inspector of the Middle area, Abdel Nasser Ahmed Abd El Azim, General Director of Museums and Restoration in Upper Egypt, Bedawy Said Abdel Rahim, General Director of the Luxor Restoration Department, Mr. Ahmed Ali Hussein Ali, Director of the Conservation Department of Qurna, General Director of Conservation Department of Upper Egypt, Abu El Hassan Ahmed, general engineer of Qurna Antiquities, Inspectors Ahmed El Tayeb Mahmoud, Omar Fathy Hassan, Wael Abdelmawgoud Mohamed, and Conservation Inspectors Mohamed Ali, Ali Taib Mohamed, Nawal Mohamed Fawzy, and Tarek Mohamed Yusef for the support we received in conducting the season. We are very grateful to Dr. Sanna Ahmed Ali, General Director of the Museums of Upper Egypt and Samia Abdel Aziz, Asma Nubi Ragabia Atia Ala for their help in installing our exhibition in the Luxor Museum, security guards of the Qurna area.

One thought on “Highlights of the 2019 Season

  1. We have followed the project over the last few years. It is wonderful to see the progress made.
    We saw the display in Luxor Museum last month , found it very interesting and impressive.
    Our interest stems from a very long interest in Egypt and its history plus the involvement of our son , John Rogers.
    Well done everyone and all the best for next season
    Happy Christmas

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