Start of the Season 2015

The South Asasif Conservation Project has opened for the 2015 season. Congratulations to all our mission members in Egypt and all over the world, as well as our friends and supporters!


We are so happy to be back at the site and reunite with our wonderful MSA conservation team. Everybody looks very cheerful on the first day photograph but the hard work started already on the next day. All the members of the team are happy to resume their usual activities and face new challenges.


Our amazing Reis Mohamed Ali took charge of the workmen.

It is always a joy to reunite with old friends, like Reis Mohamed, who has been working with us for many years, but it is also thrilling to meet new friends, such as our inspector Alaa Hussien Mahmoud and our new team member Mohamed Yahia Ewada, Director of the West Bank.



Conservators Ali Hassan and Said started with dusting the architectural elements in the Second Pillared Hall in the tomb of Karakhamun.


Katherine Blakeney and Ali Hassan have already found a new fragment to add to the standing figure on the north wall.

Our epigrapher Ken Griffin is back to sorting boxes and boxes of inscription fragments while Francesca Jones and Annie Haward are working on the reconstruction of BD 17.



The head of our registration department (among other duties), John Billman and MSA wood conservator, Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed are in the middle of a profound discussion on the conservation of a coffin lid found at the end of the previous season.


Katherine Piper went back to cataloguing the fragments of Karakhamun’s painted ceiling.


Marion Brew and Courtney Bobik are happily taking elevations in the tomb of Karabasken.


We will be regularly reporting on different kinds of activities in the South Asasif necropolis and our preliminary results. More mission members are arriving next week to take up the baton. Stay with us for the great season of 2015!

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