Week 3

The team members of the South Asasif Conservation Project are continuing with their daily activities at the site. With more members joining us this week we were able to re-open more work stations.

John Billmann is enjoying the peace and quiet in the tomb of Irtieru, where he has moved his object registration table.


Martin Labram and Katherine Piper have teamed up for stone fragment registration in the tent next to the tomb of Karakhamun.IMG_0172

Annie Haward and Francesca Jones are copying the remains of the text of BD 17 on the south wall of the tomb under the supervision of the head of the epigraphic team, Miguel Molinero Polo.IMG_0114

Meanwhile Miguel, who is now in the middle of his own project in TT 209, has visited the burial chamber of Karakhamun with members of his team to show his previous work and make plans for his return to TT 223 in July.DSCF5615

The most progress was made on the reconstruction work in the tomb of Karakhamun. Erhart Graefe has identified more fragments of the Stundenritual texts. Here is his new addition to the First Hour of the Day.DSCN0570

A new block of limestone was finished by the stone cutters and delivered to the tomb.


Katherine Blakeney and Ali Hassan finally got enough wall surface to position the top of Karakhamun’s head. It is a key fragment for placing the section with Karakhamun’s titles directly above, as many of the fragments join directly. The work will be continued next week.IMG_0108  IMG_0113

As the mission’s photographer, Katherine Blakeney must find the right light and camera position to photograph each found fragment to best advantage. Sometimes things turn unexpectedly tricky. Katherine Blakeney, Peter Tolhurst, Mohamed Shebib and Mohamed Abu Hakim are in the middle of a photo experiment.




One response to “Week 3

  1. it looks like work is moving along I love the dedication you show to getting the right shot Katherine. Best to all i wish I was there to see it all . Gallina

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