Week 2

Week two was dedicated to preparing for the reconstruction activities in the tomb of Karakahmun. The most labour-consuming part of this process is the cutting and delivery of blocks of new limestone to the Second Pillared Hall of the tomb. Our brilliant Egyptian conservation team employs rather ancient building methods. Large blocks are cut into smaller sections by means of hammers, metal wedges and wooden poles.

A tower equipped with a pulley system was built in the open court to slowly lower the blocks onto the floor of the tomb. From this point the blocks are transported on a sledge sliding on large beams. IMG_9987DSCF5577






The first block of the season became a part of the north-west pilaster featuring BD 51 and 104 on the east side. Conservator Ali Hassan has already started adding new fragments to the reconstruction of the text following instructions from Ken Griffin.


Meanwhile, Katherine Blakeney is preparing the South Wall for the final stage of the reconstruction started last year. She is using the almost compete seated figure of Karakhamun on the east wall of the hall with traces of a proportional grid as a reference for recreating a fragmentary figure of Karakhmun on the south wall. The grid on the south wall was informed by the remaining lines in the area of the offering table.

IMG_0032   IMG_0036

Erhart Graefe is rapidly moving forward with his reconstruction of the text of the Ritual of the 8th Hour of the Day. The success of his work may allow us to reconstruct the corresponding pillar in the First Pillared Hall of Karakhamun already this season.


Peter Tolhurst and Marion Brew are deep into excavating and recording modern mudbrick structures in the open court of the tomb of Karabasken Their work has already been rewarded by finding a group of re-used fragments from Karabasken’s original decoration.DSCF6286

John Billman, Annie Haward, Francesca Jones and Martin Labram arrived at the end of the week! See the next blog post for our new activities!


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