Recent Activities in South Asasif Part 2

Our incredible Reis Mohamed Ali El Ayat and the most skilful workmen of his team continue with the excavation of the court of the tomb of Karabasken. Years of experience help them to do a highly professional job and treat every find with skill and care. Behind the Reis are Said El Adly, El Hadj Ahmed and Mustafa Abu Gad. IMG_5281

The Project’s conservation team has been working on the reconstruction of the west and south walls of the Second Pillared Hall since the beginning of the season. They have achieved remarkable results in reconstructing the offering scene on the south wall and BD 15h, 50 and the False Door on the west wall. Their professionalism and hard work bring every reconstruction conceived on paper to a fast and superb realization. Standing in front of the west wall are  (from left to right) El Taib Hassan Ibrahim, Taib Said, Mohamed Abu Hakem, Hassan Dimerdash, Abd El Razik Mohamed Ali, Abd El Hady Taib, Mohamed Badawi, Ali Hassan Ibrahim,. Not on the photo: Said Ali Hassan, Mohamed Shebib, Saleh Selim and stonecutters Hussein Mohamed Hassan Mohamedin, Ahmed Badawi, Ahmed Ali Gassab, Mohamed Bedawi Gabbar.


Dieter Eigner joined the team today to continue the work on the plan of the tomb of Karakhmun. He is finishing mapping the open court, a task started last year, and will continue with the entrance area including the remains of a mud brick superstructure found this season.


Today is the last day for Kath Slinger. We are sorry to lose such a hard-working and charming team member. Kath did a lot of work on the registration of stone fragments and field supervision in the court. Today she brought soda and cakes for all the team members and the whole site had a chance to wish her a safe trip home.


Patricia Maison looks particularly happy working on the Project’s databases. Patricia has been with us for years, coming back two or three times during a season. The Project is very lucky to have such a skilful and dedicated team member.



One response to “Recent Activities in South Asasif Part 2

  1. Found this very interesting to read. If I was younger I would be keen on these digs also. It is good that you have volunteers of different nationalities keen to do such a project.

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