Our Visitors

We’ve had another busy week in the South Asasif with conservation, excavation and registration all proceeding in parallel.  In addition this week we’ve had a chance to share our passion by hosting a number of delegations of fellow Egyptologists at the site.

DSCF4575On Tuesday morning we had a really friendly visit from our neighbours, the team of Andrew Bednarski, Assistant to the Director for Special Projects, from the local American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE).

Later the same morning we received another group of fellow archaeologists led by Salah ElMasekh Akmed. It was wonderful to be able to repay the hospitality shown to us by Salah and his team when we visited his excavations at Karnak as part of the Thebes in the First Millennium conference organized by the project last October.






IMG_2064On Wednesday we received our third major visit of the week, this time from the ARCE field school currently running.  Dividing the group into three sub-groups, Elena Pischikova, Katherine Blakeney and John Billman all conducted tours in parallel.

With all groups we get to see the project and its work through new eyes and share the enthusiasm that the necropolis inspires when you see it for the first time.

– by John Billman


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