Week 2

The team of the South Asasif Conservation Project is continuing reconstruction and conservation work in different parts of the tomb of Karakhamun. This year’s work will mainly concentrate on the decoration of the Second Pillared Hall, the Burial chamber and the Vestibule.

The work in the Second Pillared Hall, which collapsed almost completely, started with positioning metal rods in strategic points of the hall to support the structure of the walls and pillars of the room. The photograph shows our senior conservator Ali Hassan Ibrahim and his colleagues measuring the points for the rods.


The work continued with cutting slabs of limestone and positioning them along the walls of the Second Pillared Hall to support the remaining fragments of the original decoration. The newly cut limestone blocks  are delivered to the tomb from the top of the open court with the help of a winch fixed on a “tower” built by our reis Mohamed Ali (see photo). The photographs also show the conservators Ali Hassan and Hassan Dimerdash closing cracks on the west walls and around the remains of the Osiride statue of Karakhamun with lime plaster.

DSCF4382         DSCF4473DSCF4470


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