Week 1

We have just completed an exciting and eventful first week, reuniting with our old friends and colleagues. On the photograph below are some of our Egyptian team members, archaeologists, and conservators including Fathy Yassen Abd el Kerim, Ramadan Ahmed Ali, Mohamed Ali, Abdelrazk Ali, Ali Hassan Ibrhem, ElTaib Hassan Ibrhim, Mohamed Badawy, Taib Said, Mohamed El Abu Hakim, Said Abu Gaed, Hassan Dimerdash, and Mohamed Shabeb.IMG_0670

DSCF4258Our team members have begun work in different areas of the tomb of Karakhamun. The photograph to the right shows Patricia Mason determining elevations in the court of Karakhamun with the help of Abdelrazk Ali and Mohamed El Abu Hakim.





DSCF4295Our conservation team is adding new fragments to the pillar reconstructions in the first pillared hall. Abdelrazk Ali and Mohamed El Abu Hakim are positioning a new fragment on the Northwest pilaster.





All of our team members have their own individual ways of showing their passion for Karakhamun. Here is Said Abu Gaed, with a celebratory heart-shaped cake (which is delicious by the way). We take this cake as sign that we are destined to have a successful season!


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