The South Asasif Conservation  Project team has just opened its eleventh season in the South Asasif tombs of Karakhamun (TT223), Karabasken (TT391), and Irtieru (TT390). We will be working until September and are looking forward to a productive season. Watch this page for weekly updates from team members, along with images and video clips of the work.

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  1. Wishing all the team a wonderful season. I look forward to the blogs and hope it is as exciting as previous years. Best Wishes to everyone, Sue

  2. My dears,
    why do you work in your tomb in this time of the year? From now until September it must be scorching hot…

  3. Have a great season, sorry I carnt be with you this time! Looking forward to hearing all the news, Regards to everyone, Sarah

  4. Sonds all very exciting, wish I was there! Hope all is goin well. Averil

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